Water and catchments

Title: Transforming Landscapes, Transforming Lives The Business of Sustainable Water Buffer Management

Authors: Frank van Steenbergen, Albert Tuinhof and Lenneke Knoop

Year: 2011

Title: Profit from storage- The costs and benefits of water Buffering

Authors: Albert Tuinhof, Frank van Steenbergen, Peter Vos and Lieselotte Tolk


Title: Securing Water and Land in the Tana Basin- a resource book for water managers and practitioners

Authors: Lenneke Knoop, Francesco Sambalino and Frank van Steenbergen

Year: 2012

Title: Managing the Water Buffer for Development and Climate Change Adaptation Groundwater Recharge, Retention, Reuse and Rainwater Storage

Authors: Frank van Steenbergen and Albert Tuinhof


Title:Consultancy Service for Master Plan Review, Catchment Rehabilitation and Awareness Creation for Geffersa, Legedadi, and Dire Catchment areasnt areas

Author:Ahmad Alkhuffash

Year: 2013

Title: Prediction of Sediment Inflow to legedadi Reservoir Using SWAT Watershed and CCHE1D

Authors:Andualem Gessese and Yonas M.